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Release Information of Xerces-C++ 2.7.0
Date  Contributor  Description 
2005-05-19  David Cargill  390 update: use ICU table which is present with the uniconv390 
2005-05-19  David Cargill  Update table used for patterns to the Unicode 4.0.1 level. 
2005-05-18  David Cargill  For time schema datatypes, ensure milisecond only contains 0-9 
2005-05-18  Jay Hansen  OS400 updates  
2005-05-08  James Berry  Modify runConfigure to accept the names of C++ compilers that it doesn't recognize 
2005-05-06  David Bertoni  Change for loop control variable for compilers that don't enforce for scope. 
2005-05-05  David Cargill  Update XSValue to handle float and double the same way the main library does 
2005-05-05  Mike Pawlowski  Update HP 64 bit options 
2005-05-04  David Bertoni  Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1416 
2005-05-04  David Bertoni  Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1391 
2005-04-29  David Bertoni  Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1407 
2005-04-29  David Bertoni  Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1390 
2005-04-28  Alberto Massari  Move implementation of setDocument to the cpp file, where DOMDocumentImpl is a known class (jira 968) 
2005-04-27  David Cargill   Fix for problem on Solaris where open may return 0 as a valid FileHandle. Check for -1 instead. 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Fix for xercesc-1413: invalid operator equal template signature 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Schema updates to match spec 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Prefix mapping update to handle schema correctly. 
2005-04-24  David Cargill   Remove collaboration graph from apiDocs  
2005-04-22  David Bertoni   Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1411  
2005-04-22  David Cargill   Use isspace instead of isSpace as data is char not xmlch 
2005-04-22  David Bertoni   Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1410 
2005-04-21  David Cargill   Add support for ucs-2 
2005-04-14  David Bertoni  Fix Jira 1406. Added include 
2005-04-12  Alberto Massari  Fix compiler errors on IRIX (jira 1405) 
2005-04-07  Khaled Noaman   Update chars table with an NCName char mask instead of an XML letter mask 
2005-04-07  Alberto Massari   appendChild now throws an exception when a NULL pointer is given (jira# 1401)  
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Update XSValue to handle leading and trailing whitespace 
2005-04-05  David Cargill   Change platform mutex code to do a panic  
2005-04-05  Khaled Noaman   Performance: do not make a copy of the expression to match 
2005-04-05  David Cargill   Implement version of lowercase that only check a to z 
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Update Redirect sample to use newer entity resolver callback  
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Implement support for disabling default entity resolution  
2005-04-05  Khaled Noaman   skip DTD validation feature  
2005-04-05  David Bertoni  Fix thread safety issues 
2005-04-05  Axel Weib   Fix for jira 1397. *Much* nicer make output 
2005-04-05  Gareth Reakes   Fix for Jira 1396. make distclean now removes all files 
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Fix a problem where illegal qualified names were not reported as errors 
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Fix memory leak when deserializing grammars  
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Add support for not creating xsannotations when deserializing a grammar  
2005-04-01  David Bertoni   Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1389: memory manager  
2005-04-01  Alberto Massari   In case of a mixed-case standalone value, the flag was always set to false 
2005-03-31  Alberto Massari  Don't invoke the resolver when an empty xs:import is found 
2005-03-30  David Cargill   Allow XSAnnotation generation to be controlled by a feature  
2005-03-29  David Cargill   Begin work on adding some new features by checking in the feature handling support 
2005-03-25  Alberto Massari   On Windows, export the class from the DLL  
2005-03-22  Christian Will   Perf patches for Xercesc-1369 and 1370 
2005-03-20  David Cargill   Implement versions of uppercase and compareIstring that only check a to z 
2005-03-20  David Cargill   Add FLOAT(IEEE) to list of 390 compiler options so XSValueTest will compile  
2005-03-20  Christian Will   [jira 1381] Memory leak in GrammarResolver  
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Aligned method declaration (jira# 1386) 
2005-03-17  Gareth Reake   Updated doc to refect real behaviour with adoptBuffer 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari  Remove variable declaration from 'if' statement (jira# 1379) 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Fully qualify enum (jira# 1383) 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Aligned method declaration (jira# 1384) 
2005-03-16  Matthew Hall   Fix possible overflow problem  
2005-03-14  Gareth Reakes   Fix for Jira 1376: wrong memory manager 
2005-03-14  Gareth Reakes  Fix to Jira 1375. Removed space char between #! and /. 
2005-03-11  Christian Will   XERCESC-1345: Reset fDTDElemeNonDeclPool in scanreset  
2005-03-11  David Earlam   XERCESC-1363: Increase size of BaseRefVectorOf based on size of data not by 32  
2005-03-09  Alberto Massari   Protected getSrcOffset to avoid crashing when parsing has finished; updated documentation  
2005-03-08  Alberto Massari   Redeclare a namespace binding if the prefix is already bound to a different namespace (jira# 1371)  
2005-03-08  Christian Will   Improve performances of XMLString::tokenizeString (jira# 1363) 
2005-03-07  Khaled Noaman   Eliminate lazy creation of attribute lists 
2005-03-04  Markus Scherer   Initialize ICU to avoid multithreading problems 
2005-03-04  Alberto Massari   The URL fragments were leaked (jira# 1362) 
2005-03-03  Steve Dulin   Update samples to use XERCESCOUT instead of XERCESCROOT  
2005-03-03  Alberto Massari   Removing makefile project, as BCB6 users should use the .bpr project (jira# 1347) 
2005-03-03  David Bertoni   Removed superfluous const qualifiers 
2005-02-25  David Cargill   Attempt to fix compiler errors 
2005-02-25  David Bertoni   Performance improvements  
2005-02-25  Alberto Massari   Fixing spelling errors  
2005-02-25  Scott Cantor   Fix for compile under gcc 4 
2005-02-25  David Bertoni   Fix thread safety issues. Jira #30380. Thanks to David Bertoni 
2005-02-23  Mike Boos   Various PSVI fixes  
2005-02-23  Steve Dulin  Allow ICU to be used for transcoding and casing  
2005-02-23  David Cargill   Copy performance change made to XMLUTF8Transcoder.cpp to the 390 version 
2005-02-21  James Berry   Bugfix: XERCESC-1074; get rid of warnings  
2005-02-21  David Cargill   Doc updates, including xercesc-1352  
2005-02-21  Christian Will  Performance fixes  
2005-02-21  Alberto Massari   Updated makefile (bug# 1346) 
2005-02-19  David Cargill   Update error message from regular expressions  
2005-02-19  David Bertoni   Prefix mapping fix  
2005-02-19  David Cargill   Store key for recreating table instead of using enclosingscope 
2005-02-18  James Berry  Update release plan with tenative 3.0 list 
2005-02-14  James Berry  Fix spelling of fgMacLCPEncodingName 
2005-02-11  James Berry   Remove from project obsolete files XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator.  
2005-02-11  Chris Cates  Explicitly create a unicode collator for Mac 
2005-02-07  Alberto Massari   AStatic builds had incomplete MIDL command lines  
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Enable building of tests and samples under Interix (jira# 1330) 
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Mark global variables for this module as static (jira# 1331) 
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Added rehashing capabilities  
2005-01-26  Alberto Massari  If the option /Zc:wchar_t is specified, map XMLCh to wchar_t (jira# 413)  
2005-01-26  Alberto Massari  XMemory updates 
2005-01-20  David Cargill   Xercesc-1326: Documentation update for getTextContext. 
2005-01-20  David Cargill   Xercesc-1328: Fix spelling of XMLUni::fgXercesUseCachedGrammarInParse (missing an a in parse) 
2005-01-18  Steve Dulin  Delete memory for parser and grammarpool 
2005-01-14  Alberto Massari  When entity reference creation was on, the document created by the parser was leaked (jira# 490)  
2005-01-13  Alberto Massari   Support for UnixWare 7.1.1 (jira# 1148) 
2005-01-12  David Cargill   Fix for xercesc-1219 
2005-01-12  David Cargill  Remove warning messages. 
2005-01-08  Alberto Massari   Fixes to compile with Visual Studio 2005 (jira# 1253) 
2005-01-08  David Cargill   Fix for Xercesc-1283: incorrect case for xmluni predefined constant in doc 
2005-01-07  David Cargill   Fix for Xercesc-1314: clarify what is xercescroot. 
2005-01-07  Alberto Massari   Updated Borland makefile 
2005-01-07  Alberto Massari   scanReset() should always clear the maps used to detect duplicate attributes 
2005-01-06  Alberto Massari   Removed warnings 
2005-01-06  Alberto Massari   When emitting a "duplicate attribute" error, we were using an unitialized pointer variable 
2005-01-06  David Cargill   Update SAX2Print sample project files to add new files recently added to sample  
2005-01-05  Alberto Massari   Add icpc to the list of C++ compilers (jira# 1311)  
2005-01-03  James Berry   Add support for use of ICU with Mac OS X version 
2005-01-03  Alberto Massari   maps used to detect duplicate attributes are now cleaned  
2005-01-03  Alberto Massari   Fixed name of include file [jira#1321] 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Notify advanced handlers of the whitespace before and after the root document element (jira# 729) 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Delete the user data informations only after invoking all the NODE_DELETED handlers (jira# 620) 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Added API to remove all entries having the same primary key 
2004-12-29  Alberto Massari  The second call to ucnv_fromUChars was causing the buffer not to be terminated (jira#1300) 
2004-12-28  James Berry  Add support for use of sockets netaccessor on Mac OS X. 
2004-12-28  James Berry  Fix syntax error caught by GCC 4 
2004-12-28  Alberto Massari  DOMDocument::cloneNode can clone the element definitions (bug# 647) 
2004-12-28  Alberto Massari  Store fAxisType as an integer, not as a XMLCh (bug# 1177) 
2004-12-24  Alberto Massari  Add support for SAX2 filters (jira# 1133) 
2004-12-23  David Cargill  XSValue Updates 
2004-12-23  Alberto Massari  Use correct prefix on end tag 
2004-12-21  David Cargill  Attempt to fix various apidoc problems 
2004-12-20  David Cargill  Add assert to avoid memory violation 
2004-12-13  Christian Will  Performance improvement 
2004-12-12  Alberto Massari  Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303] 
2004-12-10  David Cargill  Fix problem with hexbin::decode and use XMLByte instead of XMLCh for output of decoding. 
2004-12-09  Khaled Noman  DOM L3: pass schema normalized value only when datatype-normalization feature is enabled. 
2004-12-09  Alberto Massari  Fxi for jira392 
2004-12-07  Khaled Noman  An option to ignore a cached DTD grammar 
2004-12-07  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leak in operator= [jira# 1307] 
2004-12-06  Alberto Massari  Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303] 
2004-12-06  David Cargill  Clean-up error text for a message that said unsupported 
2004-12-05  Alberto Massari  Added XMLString::release(void**, MemoryManager*) [jira# 1301] 
2004-12-05  Alberto Massari  entity resolver behaviour  
2004-12-01  Alberto Massari  Avoid throwing an exception when orphaning a cached grammar that has not been used yet 
2004-12-01  David Cargill  Update two error messages: add missing parameter, remove extra parameter 
2004-12-01  Stephen Dulin  Update ccsid.h for new release of icu 
2004-12-01  David Cargill  Fix for bug xercesc-1304 
2004-11-29  David Cargill  Update MS VC7.1 build options 
2004-11-29  David Cargill  Remove XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator. These are debug files that aren't used. 
2004-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix for synthetic annotation generation on 'extension' element of simpleContent 
2004-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix problem with an All content model with minOccurs of 0. 
2004-11-24  Dave Bertoni  Fix to correctly report the boundaries of an external subset 
2004-11-18  Christian Will  Memory improvement to utility classes 
2004-11-18  David Cargill  Changes for linker problems with linux build using xlc. 
2004-11-17  Christian Will  Performance improvement to utility classes. 
2004-11-15  Alberto Massari  Add build target for VC7.1 to create a static library 
2004-11-14  PeiYong Zhang  XSValue updates 
2004-11-13  David Cargill  Fix for validate annotations. 
2004-11-12  Khaled Noaman  Fix multi threading problem. 
2004-11-10  PeiYong Zhang  To build ICU3.2 and on Linux/xlC_r 
2004-11-09  PeiYong Zhang  Storer_NewerThan_Loader 
2004-11-08  PeiYong Zhang  MSVC 7.1 
2004-11-08  Alberto Massari  Fix for jira#1298: NetBSD uses r+ to open files for reading 
2004-11-07  PeiYong Zhang  read/write Storer level 
2004-11-05  PeiYong Zhang  Msg build versioning 
2004-11-02  PeiYong Zhang  [Jira#1294] Compiler Warnings on IRIX with MIPSpro compiler ver 7.4 
2004-11-02  PeiYong Zhang  Handling OutOfMemory exception 
2004-10-28  David Cargill  Add missing parameter to three error messages. 
2004-10-28  PeiYong Zhang  Data member reshuffle and store/load 
2004-10-27  PeiYong Zhang  Optimized alignment for various data types 
2004-10-27  James Berry  MacOS build updates 
2004-10-26  PeiYong Zhang  Maintain consistent order among multiple store/load session to allow comparison 
2004-10-26  Gareth Reakes  Fixed version number 
2004-10-20  Khaled Noaman  Allow option of initializing static data in XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize 
2004-10-19  PeiYong Zhang  XercesC2_6_0 updates: build debuged libary on Windows/VC6 
2004-10-19  PeiYong Zhang  [Jira#1287] new deprecated DOM libraries not included in .spec file for Linux 
2004-10-19  Khaled Noaman  Performance improvement 
2004-10-15  David Cargill  Fix for jira bug 1234. Infinite loop in XSComplexTypeDefinition::derviedFromType. 
2004-10-13  PeiYong Zhang  using ValueHashTableOf to reduce footprint 
2004-10-13  David Cargill  Fix for jira bug 1282: empty exception message being generated 
2004-10-13  David Cargill  Serialization fix, fPVSIScope not serialized. 
2004-10-12  PeiYong Zhang  Change attribute number threshold to 100 
2004-10-04  PeiYong Zhang  Support to build ICU3.0 on Solaris2.8 64-bit 
2004-10-04  Alberto Massari  Fix for Jira 866 

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