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Xerces-C++ Future Releases Plan

This document highlights the release plan for Xerces-C++.

Current Status

Xerces-C++ 2.6.0 - released on September 29, 2004.

Next Target Release

The Xerces-C++ team is currently working on plans for future releases. At present, we believe there will be a 3.0 release with new functionality targeted roughly at the second half of 2005. As a change in the major version allows us to break source compatibility, we are trying to take our time in order to break now what needs to be broken. There is some chance that changes breaking source compatibility will not be needed, and that "3.0" features will be released in the 2.x line.

Further releases in the 2.x line are anticipated concurrent with 3.0 development in order to fix issues or bugs in 2.6. Once 3.0 is released, we may also issue further 2.x releases as needed by the community.

Xerces-C++ 2.y.z - as needed to address bugs or other issues.

Xerces-C++ 3.0 - Targetted roughly for second half of 2005.

Xerces-C++ 3.0 (tentative) Features list

The following table lists the potential TODO items for Xerces-C++ 3.0. It does not include fixing bugs that are opened in Jira; unless such Jira bug involves a major development effort and requires an architectural redesign, or is an enhancement suggestion.

This list tracks current ideas and developer sign-up for 3.0 features. Some items on this list have no volunteer. Items that have no volunteer will receive no development attention and therefore will not become part of 3.0. If you would like to volunteer for these or other items please email the Xerces-C++ mailing list

ID  Feature Description  Volunteer 
Reorganization of public/private includes   
Revisiting/sanity checking of install locations   
Refactoring of x-platform support  Initial cut - James (done)
Basic posix support - James (done)
Mac re-port/test - James (done)
Windows re-port/test - Alberto
Linux re-port/test: Gareth, Alberto [VMWare (Red Hat 9, Red Hat 7.3) and I can add more], Scott Cantor [test], cargilld [w/ xlC]
Solaris - Scott Cantor [test]
Cygwin - Neil/Alberto (mostly done?)
MingGW - Alberto (mostly done?)
Interix - Alberto
AIX - cargilld
OS390 - cargilld  
A true autoconf based build infrastructure  James, Jason Stewart, Scott Cantor, John Snelson (mostly done--pending ports of additional platforms)  
Add a libcurl based NetAccessor  James (done) 
DOM 3.0 support  Alberto, Gareth  
XInclude  Gareth, Caroline Rioux Graham Innocent  
Add a ACE-based NetAccessor  Alberto - as time permits 
10  Add RelaxNG support  (Michael Fuller -- would provide some help) 
11  Audit/Update of XML Schema support.  cargilld 
12  Const signature changes. [783, 1153, 1223]  cargilld 
13  XML Catalog Support   
14  Roll .c code into template headers?   
  Features/APIs to be removed 
20  Remove Deprecated DOM altogether - Whether we should actually do this is still being debated.   Gareth 
21  Remove and/or update deprecated enums  Gareth 
22  Remove non-thread-safe psvi methods  Gareth 
23  Remove Mac OS Classic Support  James 
24  Remove OS/2 (or update it)  Alberto 
25  Remove Borland C++ 4, CodeWarrior, VACPP40 and Unsupported from Windows platform  Alberto 
26  Audit/Potential removal of all deprecated methods  cargilld 
27  Remove tests/samples not invoked by  cargilld / James 

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