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XMLException Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for XMLException:

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~XMLException ()
virtual const XMLCh * getType () const =0
XMLExcepts::Codes getCode () const
const XMLCh * getMessage () const
const char * getSrcFile () const
unsigned int getSrcLine () const
XMLErrorReporter::ErrTypes getErrorType () const
void setPosition (const char *const file, const unsigned int line)
 XMLException ()
 XMLException (const char *const srcFile, const unsigned int srcLine, MemoryManager *const memoryManager=0)
 XMLException (const XMLException &toCopy)
XMLExceptionoperator= (const XMLException &toAssign)

Static Public Member Functions

static void reinitMsgMutex ()
static void reinitMsgLoader ()

Protected Member Functions

void loadExceptText (const XMLExcepts::Codes toLoad)
void loadExceptText (const XMLExcepts::Codes toLoad, const XMLCh *const text1, const XMLCh *const text2=0, const XMLCh *const text3=0, const XMLCh *const text4=0)
void loadExceptText (const XMLExcepts::Codes toLoad, const char *const text1, const char *const text2=0, const char *const text3=0, const char *const text4=0)

Protected Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual XMLException::~XMLException  )  [virtual]

XMLException::XMLException  ) 

XMLException::XMLException const char *const   srcFile,
const unsigned int  srcLine,
MemoryManager *const   memoryManager = 0

XMLException::XMLException const XMLException toCopy  ) 

Member Function Documentation

XMLExcepts::Codes XMLException::getCode  )  const

XMLErrorReporter::ErrTypes XMLException::getErrorType  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLException::getMessage  )  const

const char * XMLException::getSrcFile  )  const

unsigned int XMLException::getSrcLine  )  const

virtual const XMLCh* XMLException::getType  )  const [pure virtual]

void XMLException::loadExceptText const XMLExcepts::Codes  toLoad,
const char *const   text1,
const char *const   text2 = 0,
const char *const   text3 = 0,
const char *const   text4 = 0

void XMLException::loadExceptText const XMLExcepts::Codes  toLoad,
const XMLCh *const   text1,
const XMLCh *const   text2 = 0,
const XMLCh *const   text3 = 0,
const XMLCh *const   text4 = 0

void XMLException::loadExceptText const XMLExcepts::Codes  toLoad  )  [protected]

XMLException& XMLException::operator= const XMLException toAssign  ) 

static void XMLException::reinitMsgLoader  )  [static]

static void XMLException::reinitMsgMutex  )  [static]

void XMLException::setPosition const char *const   file,
const unsigned int  line

Member Data Documentation

MemoryManager* XMLException::fMemoryManager [protected]

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