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API Docs for SAX and DOM

Xerces-C++ Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbstractDOMParserThis class implements the Document Object Model (DOM) interface
AttributeListInterface for an element's attribute specifications
AttributesInterface for an element's attribute specifications
ContentHandlerReceive notification of general document events
DeclHandlerReceive notification of DTD declaration events
DefaultHandlerDefault base class for SAX2 handlers
DefaultPanicHandlerReceive notification of panic
DocumentHandlerReceive notification of general document events
DOMAttrThe DOMAttr class refers to an attribute of an XML element
DOMBuilderDOMBuilder provides an API for parsing XML documents and building the corresponding DOM document tree
DOMCDATASectionCDATA sections are used to escape blocks of text containing characters that would otherwise be regarded as markup
DOMCharacterDataThe DOMCharacterData interface extends DOMNode with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM
DOMCommentThis interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the content of a comment, i.e., all the characters between the starting ' <!--' and ending '-->'
DOMConfigurationThe DOMConfiguration interface represents the configuration of a document and maintains a table of recognized parameters
DOMDocumentThe DOMDocument interface represents the entire XML document
DOMDocumentFragmentDOMDocumentFragment is a "lightweight" or "minimal" DOMDocument object
DOMDocumentTraversalDOMDocumentTraversal contains methods that create DOMNodeIterators and DOMTreeWalkers to traverse a node and its children in document order (depth first, pre-order traversal, which is equivalent to the order in which the start tags occur in the text representation of the document)
DOMDocumentTypeEach DOMDocument has a doctype attribute whose value is either null or a DOMDocumentType object
DOMElementBy far the vast majority of objects (apart from text) that authors encounter when traversing a document are DOMElement nodes
DOMEntityThis interface represents an entity, either parsed or unparsed, in an XML document
DOMEntityReferenceDOMEntityReference objects may be inserted into the structure model when an entity reference is in the source document, or when the user wishes to insert an entity reference
DOMEntityResolverDOMEntityResolver provides a way for applications to redirect references to external entities
DOMErrorDOMError is an interface that describes an error
DOMErrorHandlerBasic interface for DOM error handlers
DOMExceptionDOM operations only raise exceptions in "exceptional" circumstances, i.e., when an operation is impossible to perform (either for logical reasons, because data is lost, or because the implementation has become unstable)
DOMImplementationThe DOMImplementation interface provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model
DOMImplementationRegistryThis class holds the list of registered DOMImplementations
DOMImplementationSourceThis interface permits a DOM implementer to supply one or more implementations, based upon requested features
DOMInputSourceThis interface represents a single input source for an XML entity
DOMLocatorDOMLocator is an interface that describes a location
DOMNamedNodeMapDOMNamedNodeMaps are used to represent collections of nodes that can be accessed by name
DOMNodeThe DOMNode interface is the primary datatype for the entire Document Object Model
DOMNodeFilterFilters are objects that know how to "filter out" nodes
DOMNodeIteratorDOMNodeIterators are used to step through a set of nodes, e.g
DOMNodeListThe DOMNodeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of nodes
DOMNotationThis interface represents a notation declared in the DTD
DOMProcessingInstructionThe DOMProcessingInstruction interface represents a "processing instruction", used in XML as a way to keep processor-specific information in the text of the document
DOMPSVITypeInfoThe DOMPSVITypeInfo interface represent the PSVI info used by DOMElement or DOMAttr nodes, specified in the schemas associated with the document
DOMRangeExceptionRange operations may throw a DOMRangeException as specified in their method descriptions
DOMTextThe DOMText interface inherits from DOMCharacterData and represents the textual content (termed character data in XML) of an DOMElement or DOMAttr
DOMTreeWalkerDOMTreeWalker objects are used to navigate a document tree or subtree using the view of the document defined by their whatToShow flags and filter (if any)
DOMTypeInfoThe DOMTypeInfo interface represent a type used by DOMElement or DOMAttr nodes, specified in the schemas associated with the document
DOMUserDataHandlerWhen associating an object to a key on a node using setUserData the application can provide a handler that gets called when the node the object is associated to is being cloned or imported
DOMWriterDOMWriter provides an API for serializing (writing) a DOM document out in an XML document
DOMWriterFilterDOMWriterFilter.hpp: interface for the DOMWriterFilter class
DOMXPathEvaluatorThe evaluation of XPath expressions is provided by DOMXPathEvaluator
DOM Level 3
DOMXPathExpressionThe DOMXPathExpression interface represents a parsed and resolved XPath expression
DOMXPathNamespaceThe DOMXPathNamespace interface is returned by DOMXPathResult interfaces to represent the XPath namespace node type that DOM lacks
DOMXPathNSResolverThe DOMXPathNSResolver interface permit prefix strings in the expression to be properly bound to namespaceURI strings
DOMXPathResultThe DOMXPathResult interface represents the result of the evaluation of an XPath 1.0 expression within the context of a particular node
DTDHandlerReceive notification of basic DTD-related events
EntityResolverBasic interface for resolving entities
ErrorHandlerBasic interface for SAX error handlers
HandlerBaseDefault base class for handlers
InputSourceA single input source for an XML entity
LexicalHandlerReceive notification of lexical events
LocalFileInputSourceThis class is a derivative of the standard InputSource class
LocatorInterface for associating a SAX event with a document location
MemBufInputSourceThis class is a derivative of the standard InputSource class
MemoryManagerConfigurable memory manager
PanicHandlerReceive notification of panic
ParserBasic interface for SAX (Simple API for XML) parsers
PSVIAttributeRepresent the PSVI contributions for one attribute information item
PSVIAttributeListA container for the PSVI contributions to attributes that occur on a particular element
PSVIElementRepresent the PSVI contributions for one element information item
PSVIHandlerThis abstract class provides the interface for the scanner to return PSVI information to the application
PSVIItemRepresent the PSVI contributions for one element or one attribute information item
SAXExceptionEncapsulate a general SAX error or warning
SAXParseExceptionEncapsulate an XML parse error or warning
SAXParserThis class implements the SAX 'Parser' interface and should be used by applications wishing to parse the XML files using SAX
SecurityManagerAllow application to force the parser to behave in a security-conscious way
StdInInputSourceThis class is a derivative of the standard InputSource class
StDOMNode< T >
URLInputSourceThis class is a derivative of the standard InputSource class
Wrapper4DOMInputSourceWrap a DOMInputSource object to a SAX InputSource
Wrapper4InputSourceWrap a SAX InputSource object to a DOM InputSource
XercesDOMParserThis class implements the Document Object Model (DOM) interface
XMemoryThis class makes it possible to override the C++ memory management by adding new/delete operators to this base class
XMLAttDefRepresents the core information of an atribute definition
XMLAttDefListThis class defines an abstract interface that all validators must support
XMLAttrThis class defines the information about an attribute that will come out of the scanner during parsing
XMLContentModelThis class defines the abstract interface for all content models
XMLDeleterFor< T >
XMLDocumentHandlerThis abstract class provides the interface for the scanner to return XML document information up to the parser as it scans through the document
XMLElementDeclThis class defines the core information of an element declaration
XMLEntityDeclThis class defines that core information that defines an XML entity, no matter what validator is used
XMLEntityHandlerThis abstract class is a callback mechanism for the scanner
XMLEntityResolverRevised interface for resolving entities
XMLErrorReporterThis abstract class defines a callback mechanism for the scanner
XMLFormatterThis class provides the basic formatting capabilities that are required to turn the Unicode based XML data from the parsers into a form that can be used on non-Unicode based systems, that is, into local or generic text encodings
XMLHolder< Type >
XMLInitializerUtilities that must be implemented in a class-specific way
XMLNotationDeclThis class represents the core information about a notation declaration that all validators must at least support
XMLPlatformUtilsUtilities that must be implemented in a platform-specific way
XMLReaderFactoryCreates a SAX2 parser (SAX2XMLReader)
XMLStringClass for representing native character strings and handling common string operations
XMLStringTokenizerThe string tokenizer class breaks a string into tokens
XMLTranscoderXMLTranscoder is for transcoding non-local code page encodings, i.e
XMLValidatorThis abstract class provides the interface for all validators
XSAnnotationThis class describes all properties of a Schema Annotation component
XSAttributeDeclarationThis class describes all properties of a Schema Attribute Declaration component
XSAttributeGroupDefinitionThis class describes all properties of a Schema Attribute Group Definition component
XSAttributeUseThis class describes all properties of a Schema Attribute Use component
XSComplexTypeDefinitionThis class represents a complexType definition schema component
XSElementDeclarationThis class describes all properties of a Schema Element Declaration component
XSFacetThis represents all Schema Facet components with the exception of Enumeration and Pattern Facets, which are represented by the XSMultiValueFacet interface
XSIDCDefinitionThis class describes all properties of a Schema Identity Constraint Definition component
XSModelThis class contains all properties of the Schema infoitem as determined after an entire validation episode
XSModelGroupThis class describes all properties of a Schema Model Group component
XSModelGroupDefinitionThis class describes all properties of a Schema Model Group Definition component
XSMultiValueFacetThis class represents all Schema Facets which may possess multiple lexical values/annotations (i.e., Pattern and Enumeration facets)
XSNamedMap< TVal >
XSNamespaceItemThis class contains all properties of the Schema Namespace Information infoitem
XSNotationDeclarationThis class describes all properties of a Schema Notation Declaration component
XSObjectThe XSObject forms the base of the Schema Component Model
XSParticleThis class describes all properties of a Schema Particle component
XSSimpleTypeDefinitionThis class represents a simpleType definition schema component
XSTypeDefinitionThis class represents a complexType or simpleType definition
XSValue::XSValue_DataPublic data
XSWildcardThis class describes all properties of a Schema Wildcard component

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